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Marriage Today

In 1994, God put on the hearts of Pastor Jimmy Evans and the elders to start MarriageToday, a ministry focused on family and marriage. Since that time, MarriageToday has grown to include MarriageToday with Jimmy & Karen, a television program broadcast to over 680 million households in 200 countries. MarriageToday utilizes conferences, simulcasts, seminars, and more than 100 other resources in pursuit of its mission: to help marriages succeed. MarriageToday remains a vital part of the ministry of Trinity Fellowship as Pastor Jimmy and Karen Evans are committed to sharing proven truths that can make the most troubled marriage good, and any good marriage great.

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"Pastor Jimmy and Karen are changing lives around the country and around the world."

Pastor Jimmy Witcher

Close to Home & Around the Globe

We are proud to support the following local, national, and international ministries in their mission to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ:

Close to Home
Around the Globe

Trinity Fellowship - Eastridge

International Worship - Sunday at 10:30 am

Bethesda Outreach Center
Bethesda means "house of mercy," and that's why Trinity Fellowship founded this ministry in 1988: to show God's mercy to those in need. We believe that poverty is not God's intended destiny for anyone. Because of that belief, we seek to meet both physical and spiritual needs and pursue opportunities to equip people to escape the cycle of poverty. Each week, Bethesda Outreach Center meets the tangible needs of over 1600 adults and children.

Refugee Ministry
Amarillo has one of the highest per capita refugee populations in the state, which is why the ministry of Bethesda has gone beyond its four walls in order to reach newly settled refugees in the area. Whether it's through furnishing apartments for refugee families, teaching ESL classes, or assisting with food or clothing, we are committed to sharing the love of Jesus with the refugees of Amarillo.

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