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Showing Us With His Life

5 days ago by Matt Spears

The life of Jesus truly is the most extraordinary one ever lived. He lived the perfect, sinless life--one we never could have attained. In the second part of this live-action message series, we are transported to the time of Jesus' adult life and ministry to see examples of the miraculous, perfect life our Savior lived.


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Big Ideas Worth Sharing

From the series “2017 Individual Messages
"There is a power in us taking responsibility for where we find ourselves. If we steward the entrustment, we will be qualified for more.
- Pastor Matt Spears
From the series “UR Empowered
"We can let life affect us, or we can affect life!"
- Pastor Jimmy Witcher
From the series “Overcomer
"We can live our lives in such a way that the devil can NEVER devour us!"
- Pastor Jimmy Evans

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