Simon & Isela's Story

In the beginning of their marriage, things were great for Simon & Isela and their family, but after three or four years they started to realize that Simon was struggling with something and they were scarred to talk about it or bring it up to anyone. "We had been attending church at Trinity and we were even going to a group, but we were so ashamed of what was happening in our household, that we didn't want to let anybody know what was really going on."But when they finally decided to open up and share their struggles, their marriage immediately began to heal!…

Featured, Marriage, Community , Friendship

Simon & Isela's Story


Earl's Story

From the series “2017 Individual Messages
"There is a power in us taking responsibility for where we find ourselves. If we steward the entrustment, we will be qualified for more.
- Pastor Matt Spears
Featured, Bethesda, Community

Bethesda Outreach / Eastridge Community

Groups, Students

Deven's Story

From the series “Zion 2017
"This year we win lots of wars. So when warfare stirs up around you; you, as God’s people, have a supernatural grace to win whatever situation you’re having to deal with."
- Chuck Pierce

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