Earl's Story

“I knew I was doing things backwards,” Earl says, “I felt like I was a disappointment [to God], and not worthy of the free gift of Jesus. I was ashamed of my past.”Earl was trying to prove he was worthy of his Heavenly Father’s approval. Through building relationship with fellow members of the usher team and regularly attending weekend services with his wife, Earl began to see that he truly is worthy of the Father’s love — just as he is.…

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Earl's Story

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Bethesda Outreach / Eastridge Community

From the series “2017 Individual Messages
"There is a power in us taking responsibility for where we find ourselves. If we steward the entrustment, we will be qualified for more.
- Pastor Matt Spears
Groups, Students

Deven's Story

From the series “Zion 2017
"This year we win lots of wars. So when warfare stirs up around you; you, as God’s people, have a supernatural grace to win whatever situation you’re having to deal with."
- Chuck Pierce
Marriage, Baptism

Rosvel & Lety's Story

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