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Building Healthy Marriages

In 1994, God put on the hearts of Pastor Jimmy Evans and the Trinity Fellowship elders to start MarriageToday, a ministry focused on family and marriage. Since that time, MarriageToday has grown to include MarriageToday with Jimmy & Karen, a television program broadcast to over 680 million households in 200 countries. MarriageToday utilizes conferences, simulcasts, seminars, and more than 100 other resources in pursuit of its mission: to help marriages succeed. MarriageToday remains a vital part of the ministry of Trinity Fellowship.

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"Pastor Jimmy and Karen are changing lives around the country and around the world."

Pastor Jimmy Witcher
Bethesda Outreach Center
Bethesda means "house of mercy," and that's why Trinity Fellowship founded this ministry in 1987: to show God's mercy to those in need. We believe that poverty is not God's intended destiny for anyone. Because of that belief, we seek to meet both physical and spiritual needs and pursue opportunities to equip people to escape the cycle of poverty. Each month, Bethesda Outreach Center gives away more than 20,000 pounds of food to the local community.

Refugee Ministry
Amarillo has one of the highest per capita refugee populations in the state, which is why the ministry of Bethesda has gone beyond its four walls in order to reach newly settled refugees in the area. Whether it's through furnishing apartments for refugee families, teaching ESL classes, or assisting with food or clothing, we are committed to sharing the love of Jesus with the refugees of Amarillo.

Outreach Volunteer Opportunities in Amarillo

You can make an impact on our community by joining us as we serve those in need and welcome those who are new to our country and community. Here's where you can help:

Bethesda Outreach Center

Food Giveaway: Wednesday 8:30am-noon

Clothing Giveaway: Thursday 9:00am-noon

Refugee Ministry

ESL Classes

Parenting Class

Alpha Small Group

For more details or to volunteer, send an email here or call 806.383.6990!

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Mission Highlight: Oasis De Esperanza

Founders Wayne and Elaine MaGouirk share what God is doing in Nicaragua through Oasis De Esperanza.


Tell us about your ministry.

Savior’s Tear/Oasis de Esperanza provides a free Christian-based education and feeding program for children who live in and in proximity to what was once the Managua dump ground. Trash is still deposited in drop-off points and people scavenge daily for food, recyclables, and anything that can be sold or exchanged for food. The neighborhood has been identified as one of, if not the most dangerous neighborhoods in Managua; a neighborhood rife with gang activity, prostitution, violence, theft, and other crimes (the school has lost three students to gang violence). We minister to some of the “poorest of the poor”, most from single parent homes, with little or no hope of escaping the generational bondage that is common to that neighborhood. The school provides nutritional meals each day; younger (morning) students receive a glass of milk (and oatmeal when available) and a hot lunch at the end of their classes while the older (afternoon) students receive a hot lunch and glass of milk when reporting to class. The school is approved from grades Pre-K through High School and averages 20-25 graduates each year with some continuing to college while working and some receiving scholarships. Our goal is to provide each student with the opportunity and a chance to improve their lives as Christian men and women and escape the bondage that has become generational. The school also holds Sunday School/Church services ~ two times/month and we aspire to be a good neighbor to our community with occasional “film nights” and an annual community Christmas program with ~600 attending, all these events include refreshments. Like everything else we do these are free events, we strive to be a beacon of light in a very dark place and a safe place for our students.

What's the best part about your role in your ministry?

After 15 years of operation, it’s such a blessing to see students begin at Pre-K and persevere against the odds and graduate from high school, all with a Christian foundation. Some go on to college, while some find jobs that were otherwise unavailable to them without an education. Some now have siblings who attend. Many of our children would not have had an opportunity for an education if not for Oasis de Esperanza. Ours is a free Christian education and feeding program. The absolute BEST part of our role is knowing that no child will leave without having a knowledge of Jesus Christ, that He loves them very much, and desires a relationship with them. Ours is a Christian school and we make no apologies for that. A Christian education combined with healthy, nutritional meals makes for a better citizen and an opportunity to escape the bondage of poverty that pervades our neighborhood.

Share a favorite story of how God is using your ministry to make an impact in your sphere of influence.

Oasis de Esperanza began with 80 students in pre-K through 2nd grade. Today the school has 400 students in pre-K through High School. When the school began 80% of our students were below the height/weight average for their age group and within two years the numbers had reversed and now 80+% of our students are above that average due to daily, nutritional meals. Our first graduating class consisted of seven students, one of which received a scholarship to study civil engineering. Our graduating classes now average 20-27 students with many going on to college and some with scholarships, partial of full. Those who choose not to continue their education are qualified/equipped for better employment opportunities. But our favorite story is ongoing and that is no student will leave Oasis de Esperanza without a knowledge of Jesus Christ, that He loves them very much, and desires a relationship with them. Many make that decision but all are provided with the opportunity to choose. In most cases our students leave Oasis de Esperanza markedly different than when they arrived

How can the Church pray for you?

For continued protection amidst the ongoing civil unrest throughout the country. For financial provision, protection of our students and staff, that children will continue to be drawn to and responsive to the opportunity to know and accept Jesus as their personal Savior, that the enemy’s plans against the school and ministry will continue to fail. That parents of students will see the change in their children and be encouraged to follow Jesus as well.

Find out more by visiting their website or following them on Facebook.

Local Campus Outreaches

At each of our locations, we love to reach out into our communities and meet the tangible needs of those around us. We host local food and clothing outreaches, hoping to make a difference in the world we live in and introduce those around us to Jesus Christ.

Close to Home & Around the Globe

We are proud to support the following local, national, and international ministries in their mission to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ:

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