Become You.

The Exchange is an opportunity for middle school and high school students to have a life-changing encounter with God that fuels them to become who they are in Jesus Christ.

The Exchange

The Exchange is our weekly gathering for students in 7th-12th grades. We call it The Exchange because we want our students to know that they can exchange what the world offers for what Jesus has to offer, which is so much better.

The Fun Happens on Wednesday Nights

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What to Expect

When they get home from The Exchange, you can ask your student about any of these things, which happen every week!

Hangout Time

During hangout time, your student has the opportunity for some serious fun. 9-square, table tennis, or video games, anyone?

The Worship Experience

Our worship is upbeat, interactive, intentional, and designed for your students to have an experience with God.

The Message

Each week's message is part of a message series designed to be relevant to the things affecting kids and spur students on to be who God created them to be.

"I love going to the Exchange because I can really be myself. All of the people there are so encouraging and make me want to chase after God each and every day!”

Ilysa J.

Small Groups

We value the intentional relationship building that can occur more easily in a smaller setting. Throughout the week at many of our locations, we host student small groups, where your student can gain a more personal connection with our volunteers and their peers while learning how to practically apply biblical principles to their lives.

City Groups

City Group is a group available for students currently in 7th-12th grade. Here at City Group we want you to learn about and see the Father's heart for you, find "your people", then go out and be Jesus to everyone around you. Come join us! There are four City Groups available in Amarillo based on location - North, South, East, & West. Click the link below to find a City Group near you - be sure to select age range "7th -12th grade"!

Find a City Group near you!

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