It's almost time for our summer blockbuster series, which means it's time to invite those in your circle to join us At The Movies and "think outside the box office!" We want to make it easy for you to spread the word, so here are some ways to do just that.

At the Movies Dates

Text an Invite Via This App

A simple, easy way to invite your friends is through text! The Hobnob app allows you to create an invitation on your phone and send it to as many of your contacts as you'd like. Simply download the app here and you'll be on your way! Save the image below to your phone and use it as your invite background. 

Phone Screen Backgrounds

Set one of these images as the background on your phone. Let it remind you to invite those around you to At The Movies, but also let it be a conversation starter when someone sees it on your phone and says, "Hey, what's that about?" 

Desktop Backgrounds

Work in an office where your computer is on all day? Put an At The Movies desktop background on your computer or use it as your screensaver - then when people walk by and ask about it, there's your open door for an invitation! 

Like options? So do we! Choose from one of three backgrounds:

Facebook Profile Photo

Social media is a great way to spread the word about, well, just about anything! We created three different At the Movies frames for your Facebook profile picture and videos - add one by clicking here to go directly to your Facebook profile picture. Search either "Trinity Fellowship Church" or "At The Movies" to pull up one of our three frames. Select the one you want, and done! The frame will automatically expire at the end of the series, so you don't have to worry about taking it down. 

Social Media Shareables

Are you social media saavy and looking for a way to invite your friends from your socials? Not on social media? Text a pic to a friend and drop an invite in the message! Download these fun images to #ShareTheFun!

Want some more ideas? Try these:

  • Share the At the Movies event in the TFC App (Tip: Download the TFC App here for iPhone or here for Android!)
  • Download any of the phone/desktop backgrounds up above and send it an email to your employees or coworkers inviting them. Take it a step further and make plans to sit together!
  • Think about the places you go throughout the week. See the same cashier at the grocery store each time? Invite him or her! Your barista, server, repairman, mail carrier, hair stylist, your own customers - we know all of them would love At the Movies! All they need is a personal invitation...from you!
  • And finally, a foolproof way of getting friends to At the Movies: Think of two people you know would love the idea of movies in church. When the series begins, tell those friends you are coming to pick them up. Put them in your car and bring them! Works every time.

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