Sundays at Trinity: New Times. New Sessions. New Experience.


Hey There!

Have you heard the news? Here at Trinity Fellowship we are doing a brand-new thing on Sunday mornings, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

It’s no secret that the world around us is constantly changing. From family dynamics to the balance between work and home life to the technology we carry and connect with every single day—life is perpetually moving and shifting. As the Church we know that to continue meeting the needs of our community we need to grow and shift as well. This transformation allows us to move into greater levels of effectiveness as we seek to make it impossible for anyone to go to Hell from anywhere that there is a Trinity Fellowship campus.

Embracing transformation means that beginning on August 23rd at every location there is a new way to Sunday!

Sundays at Trinity will include:

Service – A traditional one-hour Trinity Fellowship service with worship, a biblical message, and communion.

Sessions - A unique set of opportunities to interact and receive in various locations throughout the building.

Experience – A service with extended worship, a short biblical message, prophetic ministry, and other exciting elements in a brand-new format.

For more information check us out at This is going to be fun!

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