The Overcoming Life

Victory is the birthright of every believer! Jesus died and rose again to make us conquerors who rule in life and know how to face our problems head on. This series addresses four major issues all of us will have to overcome in life to be able to achieve our God given destinies.

Week 1
From the message, "Overcoming Rejection"

Apr 29, 2018 - Jimmy Evans

Day 1 - Fear, Identity

Jesus Overcame the Fear of Rejection

Day 2 - Relationships, Christian Living

Jesus Overcame the Scar of Rejection

Day 3 - Forgiveness, Christian Living

Jesus Overcame the Control of Rejection
Week 2
From the message, "Overcoming Unforgiveness"

May 06, 2018 - Jimmy Evans

Day 1 - Forgiveness, Christian Living

God Takes Forgiveness Seriously

Day 2 - Forgiveness, Christian Living

Unforgiveness is Petty from God's Perspective

Day 3 - Forgiveness, Christian Living

God Sees Forgiveness Different Than We Do
Week 3
From the message, "Overcoming Comparison"

May 13, 2018 - Jimmy Evans

Day 1 - Christian Living, Thankful

Defeating Comparison by Sincerely Thanking God

Day 2 - Christian Living, Trust

Trust God with Your Needs, Your Desires, and to Make You the Person You're Destined to Be

Day 3 - Christian Living

Bless Others in Their Advantages
Week 4
From the message, "Overcoming Sickness"

May 20, 2018 - Jimmy Evans

Day 1 - Healing

Sickness from Diet and Generational Curses

Day 2 - Healing

Sickness from Strongholds

Day 3 - Healing

Sickness from Sin

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