Your Place in Your Church

The Trinity Fellowship Dream Team provides the opportunity for you to get connected and find new friends. Whether you attend in-person or online, there's a place for you on the team!

The Dream Team is a group of incredible people who have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively using them.

The Dream Team are those who:

  • Create a comfortable environment for all our guests
  • Lead the next generation to Jesus by serving with our kids and students
  • Craft a dynamic experience in our worship services
  • Lead worship, small groups, outreaches, and more!

There's a Place for You on the Team

At Trinity Fellowship, one of our goals is to help you Find Community. The Dream Team is just that: a community of people who come together around a common goal - to serve in a ministry according to how God has designed them! God has a purpose for your life, and we want to help you find your gifts and put them into action. The best place to get started is in our Growth Track. Upon completing the four Growth Track classes, you'll get connected to a ministry team!

Count me in! I'm ready for Growth Track

Positions on the Team

Here's a glimpse at the different ministry areas you can be a part of!


Group Leaders exist to foster a healthy, relational environment, connecting people to community and helping people move to their next step. This goal can be accomplished in a variety of ways, from worship and Bible study to supper-club and game night!

We have five areas of Small Groups including Mens, Womens, Married Couples, Anyone & Everyone, and Students. Within these five areas we have a wide variety of Groups from golfing to Bible study!

Prophetic - The Prophetic Ministry identifies, trains, equips and releases individuals in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the prophetic gifts.

Effective Prayer - The prayer ministry exists to fulfill God’s call for His house to be called a house of prayer, to change the atmosphere around us through effective prayer and to respond to prayer requests received by the church through the various channels.

Ministry Team Inner Healing & Deliverance/Freedom - The purpose of this ministry is to be God’s vessel for removing any obstacle that impedes spiritual/emotional growth and maturity of believers in relationships with God, self, and others.

Prayer Ministry - Trinity Fellowship’s prayer ministry provides effective, biblical, Spirit-filled ministry during our assembly times and special events to pray for people.

Worship - This ministry exists to provide an atmosphere of worship through singing and/or playing an instrument.


Heroland - Heroland exists to help children discover the love of Jesus and how He has handmade each of them in a unique and special way. It’s a safe and fun environment for birth through kindergarten children to grow and learn how to apply God’s Word in their everyday lives.

K!ds - K!ds exists to help children experience God, make friends, and discover their identity and purpose

Xtreme - We exist to provide a safe, age appropriate place, where preteens (4th, 5th and 6th graders) can have fun experiencing God, building community, and discovering their purpose.

Student Ministry - We create opportunities for Junior High and High School students to have an encounter with Jesus while building relationships that keep them from walking through life alone.

Playground- The Children’s Playground Team exists to provide a safe and fun environment for children while they are playing on the playground.

Children’s Hospitality - We will provide a welcoming environment for parents and their children through greeting, check-in assistance and watching entrances and exits.


Hospitality - The Dream Team Hospitality team exists to provide an engaging and welcoming environment for our Dream Team Room and Growth Track. We prayerfully and resourcefully prepare for, meet needs of, and foster the loving environment of our current and new Dream Team members.

Parking Lot - The worship experience for our guests begins with the Parking Lot Team. We do more than simply park vehicles or direct traffic. With every smile, wave, and bit of assistance given, we connect with people’s hearts.

Concierge - The Concierge team exists to actively engage every guest of Trinity Fellowship with a joyful and friendly attitude and are available and flexible to meet the needs of all guests and members as they enter.

Levites - The Levites team exists to become personally invested in the lives of our guests and visitors as we ensure each one a personal greeting and welcoming smile while assisting them, their families, and friends to the best possible seat to help enrich their worship experience at Trinity Fellowship.

Communion - We serve the Body of Christ by serving communion once a


Events Team - The Events team exists to plan, prepare for, execute, and oversee ministry and community events at Trinity Fellowship that are attractive, engaging, relational, and purposeful.

Coffee Shop - The Coffee Shop & Bookstore team exists to provide the Body of Christ with a place to enjoy community and obtain resources to help people experience God and fulfill His purpose for their lives.

Baptism Team- The Baptism team exists to help facilitate the baptism process while celebrating this special moment in each individual’s life.

Camera Crew - The camera crew exists to bring the congregation into worship through projecting what God is doing on stage onto the big screens and to the extended church family throughout the world.

Production - The Production Services team exists to provide audio, lighting, graphics, video projection, and staging support for weekly services and special events, helping to create an atmosphere in which ministry can happen.

Photography - We will help tell the story of Trinity Fellowship by photographing people experiencing God, finding community, and fulling their purpose.

Growth Track Table Leader - Trinity Fellowship’s Growth Track Table Leaders exist to help assist people on their journey to finding their place in their Church while attending the Growth Track.

Host Team - Trinity Fellowship’s Host Team exists to meet, greet, and serve those around the Coffee Shop and outside the Auditorium with fresh brewed coffee and condiments so that people feel welcomed and cared for.

A-team - Trinity Fellowship’s Administration team exists to assist administration staff with inputting data into Acumatica to create Leads following large events, services, and nights for the purpose of quick follow up.

Connection Team - Trinity Fellowship’s connection team exists to meet, greet, and guide those who are not experiencing community life at Trinity into the places where they can experience community life.


Bethesda - Bethesda exists to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our local community by providing ministry, food and clothing.

Funeral - The Funeral team exists to provide spiritual, emotional and material support to families after the death of a loved one.

Hospital Visitation - The Hospital Visitation team exists to provide encouragement and spiritual care for patients in health care facilities, and also to minister to their families’.

Missions - The Missions team exists to provide pastoral care and resources to our supported missionaries and to equip and send our people on short and long-term missions’ experiences to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the nations.

Prison - The Prison team exists to take the Good News of Jesus Christ into the city jails, county jails and state prisons in our area.

Refugee Ministry - The refugee ministry exists to share the good news of Jesus Christ and establish the Kingdom of God by ministering to the needs of refugees in our community through loving acts of service.

"Being involved on the Dream Team is amazing! God blesses me every week. He is growing deeper friendships in my life through service to Him!"

Elizabeth T.

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