All Events @ Hollywood Road

  • Panhandle Refugee Celebration

    Join us June 27 for the Panhandle Refugee Celebration!

  • Trinity Fellowship Blood Drive

    One hour of your time and one unit of your blood could BE THE REASON someone lives!

  • First Wednesday

    Come encounter Holy Spirit through an extended worship and prophetic service on July 7!

  • At the Movies

    In this three-week series, we’ll take a look at the messages behind some of your favorite Hollywood movies!

  • Camp X

    Calling all completed 4th - 6th graders! Camp X will be packed with crazy games, fun activities, and an unforgettable experience with Jesus!

  • School of the Holy Spirit

    Join us the 3rd Wednesday of every month for a brand new service called School of Holy Spirit as we get to know Holy Spirit on a deeper level.

  • Culture 2021

    Culture is a four-day student event happening this summer.

  • Heroland Preschool Enrollment

    Registration for the 2020-2022 Heroland Preschool school year is now open!

  • Pre-Marriage Class Online

    Set a strong foundation for your upcoming marriage August 6-7! In this two-day class, you and your future spouse will be set up for marital success!

  • The Weekend

    This time is set aside for our 9th-12th graders to come and encounter God, find community and dive deeper into their relationship with Christ.

  • Bethesda Golf Classic

    Come and be a part of this special fundraiser for the Bethesda Outreach Center!

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