More Than You Asked For

New Podcast by Pastors Jimmy & Kim Witcher

"More than You Asked For" is a podcast by Trinity Fellowship Church where your hosts, Pastors Jimmy and Kim Witcher, are here to talk about everything from living in God’s kingdom to marriage and parenting to current events and other, you know, life stuff! With over three decades of life spent pursuing Jesus together, they have wisdom to share! So, listen up! You're about to get WAY more than you asked for---and we promise you're gonna love it!

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Episodes and Show Notes

We All Have Something to Bring, So Come to the Table! | Episode 023

On this episode, Pastors Jimmy and Kim talk about coming to the table and bringing what each of us have to offer. From tips on how to instill this in our children to understanding how we know what we bring to the group, the episode is going to...

How We Are Navigating Holidays During This Crazy COVID Season | Episode 022

On this episode Pastors Jimmy and Kim talk about their love for the holidays and how they are planning to navigate this season in our current COVID climate. From tips to reduce stress to how they handle their holiday expectations, this episode will...

How Regularly Taking Communion Makes a Huge Difference | Episode 021

On this episode Pastors Jimmy and Kim talk about the importance of a “communion lifestyle” in their home. From their personal journey of understanding the purpose of communion, to how communion can nourish and strengthen your personal...

Why We Have to Forgive | Episode 019

On this episode Pastors Jimmy and Kim talk about why we need forgive! From their personal journey of learning why forgiveness is a non-negotiable, to sharing how they walk it out in daily life, this episode is full of genuine encouragement for your...

How Bringing Our Finances Under God's Authority Made a HUGE Difference! | Episode 018

On this episode Pastors Jimmy and Kim talk about their journey of choosing to bring their finances under God’s Kingdom Realm. From learning to trust God over their finances, to their experience with tithing, to learning how to use their resources...

This is not the time to sit on the sidelines, this is a time to engage! Embrace the shaking. Embrace the transformation!

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