More Than You Asked For

A Podcast with Pastors Jimmy & Kim Witcher

"More than You Asked For" is a podcast by Trinity Fellowship Church where your hosts, Pastors Jimmy and Kim Witcher, are here to talk about everything from living in God’s kingdom to marriage and parenting to current events and other, you know, life stuff! With over three decades of life spent pursuing Jesus together, they have wisdom to share! So, listen up! You're about to get WAY more than you asked for---and we promise you're gonna love it!

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Episodes and Show Notes

Let's Talk About Honoring Our Parents | Episode 036

"We all have parents, or some sort of parental figures in our lives. Maybe you're about to become a parent! The Bible is straightforward with the command to "honor our parents," but that doesn't mean we don't have questions about how to do so in...

Learn to Prioritize What's Meaningful | Episode 035

Do you find yourself saying yes to everything or wondering where all of your time goes? We live in busy times! It's often easy to fill and keep filling our calendars. While saying yes to everything sounds fun, ultimately, we really can't. This is a...

Why We Pray for Israel (Special Episode) | Episode 034

Hey, friends. If you've tuned into the news lately, you've likely seen coverage of the conflict happening in Israel. It's important that we as Christians understand why Israel matters to us and to God. Today, join Pastors Jimmy and Kim as they look...

Be In Control of Your Spiritual Space | Episode 033

Just as we take precautions to ensure the safety our homes with locks, fire alarms, and security systems, it’s just as important we do this in the spiritual realm. By intentionally inviting Jesus into our everyday spaces, we can change the...

Recognizing Healthy (and Unhealthy) Friends | Episode 032

Join us for part two in the conversation about friendship! In this episode, Jimmy and Kim discuss the significance of having wise friends and also how to identify and navigate relationships with foolish and dangerous people. You won't want to miss...

Part One: Making Friends | Episode 031

"Let's talk about it. The pandemic made our social lives...complex! Even in a "normal" year, finding and making friends can be a real challenge at whatever stage of life we're in. But it is critical to have trusted friends in our lives. In this...

This is not the time to sit on the sidelines, this is a time to engage! Embrace the shaking. Embrace the transformation!

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