Celebrating 40 Years of Trinity Fellowship

From then until now... take a look at some of the things God has done and is doing through our church.…


Adam & Laura's Story

Adam and Laura felt that things were too overwhelming and too far gone when they were invited to the Trinity Fellowship Wichita Falls Campus. "We went, just broken, and there were people there who just loved us," Laura said. Those new friends "loved us into purpose," Adam adds. "We are a brand new us...it's awesome!"…

Featured, Marriage, Community

Adam & Laura's Story

From the series “UR Empowered
"We are the agents of change on the face of the earth!"
- Pastor Jimmy Witcher
Community , Friendship

Christina's Story

Marriage, Holy Spirit

Inna & Duane's Story

From the series “I Am The Enemy
"Worship is warfare against Satan!"
- Pastor Jimmy Evans
Marriage, Community , Friendship

Simon & Isela's Story


Earl's Story

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