Heaven is real. It's close.

It's more than just the place you go when you die. The Kingdom of Heaven is available to you right here, right now! You get to choose whether to live there. In Kingdom Come, explore the power God gave us to choose our path, discover His radical promise to us, learn how He shapes our identity and purpose, and see how to successfully navigate relationships, pain and suffering, and more.
Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come

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Jimmy Witcher

Jimmy is the Senior Pastor of Trinity Fellowship Church, a non-denominational, multi-campus church based in Amarillo, Texas. Prior to entering full-time ministry, Jimmy spent 25 years in business, where he gained the extensive leadership experience that gives him a unique, sought-after voice in both the local and global church.

Jimmy is passionate about helping people find their way into God's presence and fulfill His purpose for their lives. He and Kim have been married for more than 30 years and have three grown children.


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People are saying ...

The Bible talks a lot about God’s Kingdom. What is it? Where is it? Can we experience it now? Pastor Jimmy Witcher asks and answers those questions and many others in Kingdom Come. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to know God and experience His abiding presence actively working in their lives. You will walk away with refreshing insight on God’s love and work in our generation!
Tom Lane
Apostolic Senior Pastor, Gateway Church
Even mature believers tend to think of Heaven as the beautiful, perfect place with gold-paved streets they’ll reach at the end of their lives. But isn’t Heaven so much more than that? How should it impact our everyday interactions and relationships? In Kingdom Come, Pastor Jimmy Witcher makes simple and accessible the idea that the Kingdom of Heaven should not be a far-off concept, but part of our everyday lives. This is countercultural—but Pastor Jimmy shows us how to deepen our relationships with God and others and invite Heaven down while we are still on Earth.
Mark Driscoll
Founding and Senior Pastor of
The Trinity Church
Author of Spirit-Filled Jesus
Kingdom Come is a clear and compelling invitation to change the way we live, pray, and worship. It is a call to live right now in a kingdom that has already been given to us! I’m thankful Pastor Jimmy has written this very important book.
Brady Boyd
Senior Pastor, New Life Church
Author of Remarkable and Addicted to Busy
We all desire to be known, to matter, and to make a difference. In Kingdom Come, Pastor Jimmy Witcher shows how we can fulfill those longings of the human heart in our lives, and reveals that the Kingdom of God is not in our distant future, but something we can experience today! When Jesus declared "the kingdom is at hand," He forever altered what we should believe is possible in this world. This book contains deep truths unpacked in simple ways—as only Jimmy can do. As you read, I pray you are stirred to dream about Heaven and believe you can experience it in your life today.
Aaron Kennedy
Senior Pastor, Opendoor Church

“The Kingdom of God stands wide open. There is no charge to enter, no price we must pay to gain entry.”

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