More Than You Asked For

New Podcast by Pastors Jimmy & Kim Witcher

"More than You Asked For" is a podcast by Trinity Fellowship Church where your hosts, Pastors Jimmy and Kim Witcher, are here to talk about everything from living in God’s kingdom to marriage and parenting to current events and other, you know, life stuff! With over three decades of life spent pursuing Jesus together, they have wisdom to share! So, listen up! You're about to get WAY more than you asked for---and we promise you're gonna love it!

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Episodes and Show Notes

From Forgiven to Transformed | Episode 003

Pastors Jimmy and Kim Witcher love Jesus. No, REALLY!! They could talk about life with Jesus all day long. But, if you are wondering how they came to know Jesus in the first place, this is the podcast for you! In this episode Jimmy and Kim tell...

What’s My Purpose? | Episode 004

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly you’re supposed to do with your life, you aren’t alone. The question of purpose is something that people everywhere have in common. All of us feel the desire to figure out our purpose, and this is because...

If We Knew Then What We Know Now | Episode 005

We live in a culture that places a lot of pressure figuring out exactly who you are and how you are supposed to make the world a better place. This pressure can make it seem like it’s up to you to make all of the big things happen. The reality,...

How We Learned to Play at Life | Episode 006

Have you ever noticed that life can feel a little heavy sometimes? Maybe because there’s a lot on your plate or because you’re walking through a particularly rough season or maybe just because adulting can be hard sometimes…whatever the...

How We Learned to Play at Life | Episode 007

On this episode, Pastors Jimmy and Kim share their personal journey of learning how to intentionally plan for and implement a weekly sabbath. From learning about the different ways exhaustion can affect the body, to helpful tips on how to begin...

How We Learned to Play at Life | Episode 008

Most of us at one point or another have been around someone who seems to have it all together. When this happens, it can be easy to start thinking about all of the dramatic changes you would need to make in order to attain that kind of success. The...

This is not the time to sit on the sidelines, this is a time to engage! Embrace the shaking. Embrace the transformation!

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