More Than You Asked For

New Podcast by Pastors Jimmy & Kim Witcher

"More than You Asked For" is a podcast by Trinity Fellowship Church where your hosts, Pastors Jimmy and Kim Witcher, are here to talk about everything from living in God’s kingdom to marriage and parenting to current events and other, you know, life stuff! With over three decades of life spent pursuing Jesus together, they have wisdom to share! So, listen up! You're about to get WAY more than you asked for---and we promise you're gonna love it!

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Episodes and Show Notes

How We Build Personal Mission Statements | Episode 013

On this episode Pastors Jimmy and Kim talk through their journey of recognizing the need to establish a personal mission statement, and then dive straight into some practical steps for how to do just that! From learning how to be empowered by who...

How We Practice Boundaries | Episode 012

On this episode Pastors Jimmy and Kim share some the most important things they’ve learned when it comes to setting and maintaining boundaries. This includes things like recognizing the impact our expectations have on relationships, learning that...

All About Relationships | Episode 011

On this episode Pastors Jimmy and Kim dive into three major areas of friendship – mentors, mentees, and peer friendships. From learning how to identify areas where you might need a mentor, to choosing to be teachable and productive as a mentee, to...

How We Make Decisions | Episode 010

On this episode Pastors Jimmy and Kim explain how they approach decision making by using the Decision Triangle. From determining foundational values to setting goals and planning strategies to evaluating resources – the decision triangle places...

When We Disagree | Episode 009

On this episode Pastors Jimmy and Kim tackle the issue of what to do when we disagree with the opinions of others. From validating the fact that it is both okay and good to have opinions, to learning when and where agreement is necessary, to...

How We Learned to Play at Life | Episode 008

Most of us at one point or another have been around someone who seems to have it all together. When this happens, it can be easy to start thinking about all of the dramatic changes you would need to make in order to attain that kind of success. The...

This is not the time to sit on the sidelines, this is a time to engage! Embrace the shaking. Embrace the transformation!

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