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Reflecting on Christmas Traditions

Reflecting on Christmas Traditions

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Every year, the Christmas season seems to go by more quickly, doesn’t it? Thanksgiving comes and goes, we make plans for all of the shopping, parties, meals, and special events, but before we know it, the season draws to a close. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are upon us and all of the preparations are finished (unless of course, you are a last-minute Christmas Eve shopper)!

We prepare to celebrate with holiday feasts, candlelight services, and the opening of gifts with loved ones. Anticipation and excitement have grown in the hearts and minds of children and grownups alike. For these two days, it’s like the world pauses just to spend time loving on one another and celebrating.

As we take pause and honor traditions at Christmas, let’s remember: The entire purpose of traditions is to hand down truth from one generation to the next, and the wise men and women who handed down our Christmas traditions - like Christmas trees, gifts, sharing meals together -knew that it didn’t necessarily matter if we completely understood them. What matters is that ultimately, our Christmas traditions are intended to reflect in one way or another the truth that God chose to make a way for us. We are made right with him through his son Jesus, who was born a human baby and would grow up, die for our sins, and be resurrected! Through the cross, we are able to live in fellowship with God forever! Our traditions are simply a way of remembering and savoring this truth!

Maybe it’s through a child sitting around the tree playing with her new toys asking “Why do we celebrate Christmas?” or the moving words to a Christmas Eve carol that you’ve heard a thousand times, but never really listened to before now. Maybe it’s the big feelings of joy that flood your heart and mind as your children and grandchildren open their gifts, or the remembrance, as you open a perfectly thoughtful gift yourself, that God knows you intimately. Whatever the scenario, Christmas traditions are designed to point us towards the truth. Like the Wise Men all those years ago, they inspire us to look toward and make room for Jesus Christ – the One born to, as Pastor Jimmy says it so beautifully, “live the life we should have lived and die the death we should have died” in order to redeem our future!

Merry Christmas Everyone! May this season draw you closer and closer to relationship with Jesus!

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