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New Year’s Life Hack - Community

New Year’s Life Hack - Community

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The beginning of a new year can be a really refreshing and exciting time. It’s the season where we look back at all we have accomplished (or not!) from the year before, and we begin to plan forward—out with the old, in with the new. It’s a time of hopefulness for new things in a new season. This is the season of resolutions, or even better – goals! We become a people hungry for change, and the promise of a brand-new year leaves us believing change is really possible. Maybe it’s spending more time reading the Bible, working on becoming healthy, establishing good habits, or focusing on better communication with a friend or spouse—we desire change. If you’ve ever been to the gym in January, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Everyone is geared up, energetic, and working towards a goal.

With all of this motivation and energy for change, it might seem like anything is possible…but then, February hits (or maybe March for the really committed). Winter begins to seem long, and before we know it, those goals start fading into the background. We begin to think that maybe reaching the goal was more difficult than we had imagined, and our progress feels disappointing, so we begin to slack off, ultimately losing sight of our vision and energy for the goals we set.

So what gives?! Why are resolutions so hard to stick with? Why do we not reach our goals? For many of us, the answer is community, or LACK of community. We work so hard to accomplish and reach, but we do it completely alone. So, when life gets tough, and the climb feels steep, we get exhausted. With no one to cheer us on and share the load, it becomes easy to give up.

Here’s the good news: We weren’t made to go it alone, and we don’t have to! If we speak up about our goals and resolutions to the people who care for us the most, we are more likely to get help and stay motivated on the journey towards real change. Sometimes, this comes through a shared goal with a spouse or best friend, and sometimes it means seeking out like-minded people who have similar desires and motivation. The bottom line is, we need peeps! No more going it alone.

As Christians, we are made for community. God designed us to do life together! And Jesus totally backs this up when He says “Wherever two or three come together in honor of my name, I am right there with them!” (Matt 18:20 TPT)

As we stand here at the beginning of another year, let’s commit to sharing more of our true selves with each other—our hopes, our dreams, our GOALS. Let’s work together building community, growing in relationship with Jesus, and living life in the Kingdom. We’ve got this!

Happy New Year!

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