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All Events @ North Amarillo

  • We Are One Range Day

    What could be better than brunch with the girls? How about some target practice! Join the fun on Saturday, May 1 from 10-12. Please register below!

  • Trinity Fellowship Bethesda Food Giveaway

    Food giveaway Every Wednesday from 9-11am.

  • Pre-Marriage Class Online

    Come set a strong foundation for your upcoming marriage! In this two-day class, you and your future spouse will be set up for marital success!

  • First Wednesday

    Come encounter Holy Spirit through an extended worship and prophetic service on May 5!

  • Chase @ The River

    Chase Men are meeting at the Canadian River for a day of ATV action!

  • Summer Nights

    Every Wednesday through the summer

  • 10th Anniversary Picnic

    Trinity Fellowship North Amarillo is 10-years-old! Let's Celebrate!!

  • Summer Nights - Car Show

    Outdoor Worship & Car Show

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