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Growth Track

God has an incredible purpose for your life, and the Growth Track is designed to help you fulfill that purpose! Through four easy steps, you’ll learn what it looks like to become a member, live the abundant life in Jesus, discover your God-given identity, and join the Dream Team. Whether you’re brand new to Growth Track or you just need to finish a step or two, sessions are offered via Zoom multiple times a week, and you do not attend the sessions in order!


Church 101

Church Membership

Learn the story, beliefs, and structure of Trinity Fellowship, and find out how you can join the family through membership!


Essentials 201

The Full Life in Jesus Christ

Understand the foundational truths for living a full life with Jesus Christ, Father God, and Holy Spirit.


Significance 301

You are the imago Dei

Find out more about how God uniquely designed you by understanding your created purpose.


Dream Team 401

Your Place in Your Church

Join the Trinity Fellowship Dream Team by learning about our different areas of ministry and finding one that best fits your design.

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