Meet Our Team


Preaching Team

Jimmy Witcher

Senior Pastor

Jimmy Evans

Apostolic Elder


Jimmy Witcher

Senior Pastor

Kim Witcher

Executive Pastor of Ministry Care

Bree Proffitt

Executive Pastor of Communication

Daniel Proffitt

Executive Pastor of Generational Ministries

Matt Spears

Executive Pastor of Campus Ministries and TFAC

Chuck Taylor

Executive Pastor of Finance

Bo Williams

Executive Pastor of Pastoral Development

Campus Pastors

Daniel Proffitt

Associate Campus Pastor / Executive Pastor of Generational Ministries

Cole Wells

Decatur Campus Pastor

Tyler Leavitt

North Amarillo Campus Pastor

Alejandro Rodarte

Trinity en Español Campus Pastor

Jody Wilson

Campus Pastor / Ministry Elder, Lubbock

Jermaine Cantu

Wellington Campus Pastor

Chad Johnson

Pastor of Digital Connection

Kris Humphrey

Pampa Campus Pastor

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