All Campuses will meet in-person again!

Dear church family,

We are going to reopen all campuses starting this coming weekend, Sunday November 1, as per the published schedule!

As you have probably seen, the hospitalization rates are increasing for the Amarillo & Lubbock regions. I spoke with key leaders at both BSA and Northwest hospitals in Amarillo this morning, and their situation is very difficult.

Our heart is to be available as a church to you our congregation and to our community. Thus, we are opening up all services as normal with a modified physical distancing protocols for those in communities with hospitalization rates greater than 15%.

For campuses with rates greater than 15%, every other row will be blocked off. Also, we recommend families put at least 2 empty seats between other families.This currently includes all Amarillo and Lubbock campuses.

At Hollywood Road, if we reach capacity in the West Auditorium at the 9:00am service, we use the worship to the Worship Center which will be our overflow room.

We are encouraging all staff and Dream Team members serving to continue to wear their mask. Also, we encourage all congregants to wear mask to and from their seats. (Mask are not required.)

For details of the Sunday happenings at your campus, please visit We also will continue with Church Online at 9 & 11am on all viewing platforms.

Please join me in praying for all those affected by this virus! See you this weekend!

- Jimmy

Pastor Jimmy Witcher, Senior Pastor

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