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The Courage to Confront

5 days ago by Jimmy Witcher

In this message, Pastor Jimmy Witcher gives us a glimpse of how we, as the Body of Christ can recognize our identify through God to confirm our purpose. It all starts when we say "yes" to God's plans and calling on our lives and confronting every false identity, in courage, to make it's way out!


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Big Ideas Worth Sharing

From the series “Epic
"To say 'yes' to God’s calling on our life, we must tear down the idols that pull on our attention and affections."
- Pastor Jimmy Witcher
From the series “Epic
"You are God's poem. His masterpiece. He has an EPIC calling on your life."
- Pastor Jimmy Witcher
From the series “Zion 2021 Online
"Unity in marriage means submitting to one other. We can submit to one another because we are first submitted to Jesus."
Pastor Bree Proffitt

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