You are Welcome Here.

If it's your first time at Trinity Fellowship, you're our honored guest, and we're excited for you and your family to join us at one of our weekend services.

We're excited for you to join us at one of our weekend services. Here's what you can expect when you walk through the doors at any one of our locations:

A friendly, energetic atmosphere

We hope you'll come just as you are. Dressed up or dressed down, on your best day or on your worst, you're welcome as our guest. Bottom line: We're glad you're here!

To be greeted by friendly faces

Our Dream Team (our awesome volunteers) are waiting for you. They'll greet you with a smile, help you get your kids settled in our children's ministry, and show you the way to our auditorium for service. Don't forget your complimentary cup of coffee on the way in!

A worship experience designed to impact your life today

We love Sundays! Here are the opportunities we have every week to experience God:

  • Service - A traditional one-hour Trinity Fellowship service with worship, a biblical message, and communion.
  • Sessions - Unique opportunities to interact and receive, each in various locations throughout the building. Sessions include an interactive message, prayer ministry, prophetic ministry, and healing ministry.
  • Experience - A service with extended worship, a short biblical message, prophetic ministry, and other exciting elements in a brand-new format.

A great experience for your kids

While you're in service, your kids will be having an experience of their own in our children's ministry! They'll be learning about God in a fun, safe environment with content designed just for them.

An opportunity to meet new people

Our hope is that your first visit to Trinity Fellowship will not be your last; meaning, we want you to get plugged-in to the community life of our church! Stop by Guest Connect at the end of service. Our pastors and leaders will be waiting to greet you and help you take your next step by going through Growth Track or finding a Group!

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