Heart Check

Like the “check engine” light on our car dashboard, our giving is an indication of the condition of our heart – especially in our relationship with God. Generous people see God as a loving, providing, caring Father. Stingy people see God as distant, harsh, and demanding. We see three types of financial giving in the bible: tithes, free-will offering, and first fruits offering. Each type tests an aspect of our heart and each has a blessing from God. Join us for the series “Heart Check” to learn more about the conditions of the heart and receiving the blessing God has for you.

Heart Check; Tithing
Nov 07, 2021 — Jimmy Witcher
Heart Check; Freewill Offering
Nov 14, 2021 — Jimmy Witcher
Heart Check; Firstfruits Offering
Nov 21, 2021 — Jimmy Witcher

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