I Changed My Mind

Every day we struggle with how to live the life God has called us to, in spite of the world around us. We know in our hearts that God has great plans for us, but our minds wrestle with feelings of fear, insecurity, anxiety, and failure.Using key truths found in Romans 12:1-2, these messages teach us that in order to live as God desires, we must allow our minds to be transformed. We can no longer be conformed to the world's way of thinking, even though it is the default setting we are all born into. By embracing this truth we can live in success and victory in every area of our lives once we allow God to transform and change our minds.

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I Changed My Mind About My Attitude
Oct 10, 2021 — Jimmy Evans
I Changed My Mind About Worry and Anxiety
Oct 17, 2021 — Jimmy Evans

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