Priceless Promises

God's promises are worth anything we would give for them. They are priceless treasures. God’s word clearly lays out the conditions for blessing. While we operate under God’s grace in all areas of our lives, true blessing is found as we obey his principals and instructions. The Kingdom of Heaven operates on God’s established order. We can contend with that order and choose to operate in the world’s economic system, or we can embrace God’s way and experience his priceless promises in our lives. Obedience yields Priceless Promises.

The Blessing of Financial Peace
Oct 29, 2017 — Matt Spears
The Blessing of Obedience
Nov 05, 2017 — Pastor Jimmy Witcher
The Blessing of Putting God First
Nov 12, 2017 — Pastor Jimmy Witcher
The Promise of the Double-Portion Blessing
Nov 19, 2017 — Jimmy Evans

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