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The Promise of Total Freedom

3 days ago by Jimmy Evans

Freedom is a gift of God’s grace that Jesus bought for us on the cross! We have all sinned and been sinned against and that is why we need freedom. Pastor Jimmy Evans explains the three foundations of freedom, the four areas of our lives where we need freedom, and how to begin the journey of living in total freedom.


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Big Ideas Worth Sharing

From the series “2017 Individual Messages
"There is a power in us taking responsibility for where we find ourselves. If we steward the entrustment, we will be qualified for more.
- Pastor Matt Spears
From the series “UR Empowered
"We can let life affect us, or we can affect life!"
- Pastor Jimmy Witcher
From the series “Overcomer
"We can live our lives in such a way that the devil can NEVER devour us!"
- Pastor Jimmy Evans

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