Zach's Story

Zach had several step-dads when he was growing up, and many of them were abusive. Zach struggled with what it meant to be a godly man and lead his family. He was nervous to be a dad and worried to raise a son, but after meeting the men of Trinity Fellowship's Pampa campus, he had an encounter with the Lord that healed his heart and changed his life.…


Enrique's Story

Growing up, Enrique was a product of his environment. After spending much of his teenage and early adult years behind bars, he asked God for a deal: He would surrender his life if God would spare his family.…


Chantal's Story

A political refugee from Rwanda, Chantal came to the United States with nothing. Then, God asked her to give everything. …

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Zach's Story

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Cherie's Story

From the series “2018 Individual Messages
Refuse to settle! Believe that what God has for you in the future is greater than what you are letting go of.
- Pastor Matt Spears
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Dear Trinity -

From the series “I Am The Enemy
"Worship is warfare against Satan!"
- Pastor Jimmy Evans
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Adam & Laura's Story

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Christina's Story

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