Jermaine & Ashly's Story

Trinity Fellowship has been a thread throughout Jermaine and Ashly's life and their relationship. Jermaine was introduced to God in high school at what is now the Trinity Fellowship Wellington campus, and Ashly grew up at the Hollywood Road campus in Amarillo. When Jermaine moved to Amarillo for college, he was grateful to find a Trinity Fellowship campus, and when he began attending he met his future wife, Ashly! After they had been married for a while, Jermaine and Ashly knew the Lord was leading them back to where Jermaine first met God when he was offered the job as principal for Wellington High School. During this time of change, they were grateful that their church was able to stay the same. “We walked right into the Wellington campus, and again felt right at home,” Jermaine said. …


The Hedtke Family

Growing up with a military background and being in the military himself, Chris Hedtke ran his household and interacted with his five teenagers much like a drill sergeant. Chris began volunteering with The Exchange, our 7th-12th grade ministry, and it was there that the Lord not only softened Chris's heart, but changed the dynamic of his entire family. …

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Jermaine & Ashly's Story

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Patrica & Dennis' Story

From the series “Zion 2018
"Jesus is our cornerstone, he set the foundation for the church, but we have the honor of forming the walls! We are living stones that were created to be a part of what God has called us to do."
- Pastor Jimmy Witcher
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Zach's Story

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Cherie's Story

From the series “I Am The Enemy
"Worship is warfare against Satan!"
- Pastor Jimmy Evans
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