Bob's Story

Bob was diagnosed with prostate cancer and stage 4 bone cancer, but he knew that God had other work for him to do! Through the prayers of 1700 men in white at our prison campuses, the laying on of hands from our elders, and his personal prayer time, Bob faced cancer head on.…


The Hedtke Family

Growing up with a military background and being in the military himself, Chris Hedtke ran his household and interacted with his five teenagers much like a drill sergeant. Chris began volunteering with The Exchange, our 7th-12th grade ministry, and it was there that the Lord not only softened Chris's heart, but changed the dynamic of his entire family. …

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Bob's Story

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Tony's Story

From the series “2018 Individual Messages
"You don't have to clean up for The Table--The Table cleans you up!"
- Pastor Matt Spears
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Jermaine & Ashly's Story

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Patrica & Dennis' Story

From the series “This Is Living
God built you to need the empowering work of the Holy Spirit in your life to be able to move forward and do everything He's created you to do.
- Pastor Jimmy Witcher
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Zach's Story

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Cherie's Story

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