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Birth to 6th Grade

We are passionate about the rising generations of Godly, world-changers! Our vibrant and energetic children's ministry staff and volunteers are the best of the best, creating a children's ministry environment that's safe and exciting for your little ones.

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God has an incredible purpose for your life, and the Trinity Fellowship Growth Track is designed to help you find it. In these four classes, you will discover how to connect to our church, dive into what it looks like to follow Jesus, learn more about how God has made you, and find a place to serve that matches your design.

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You were not made to do life alone! We have Groups available for many stages of life and activity interests. Find your people by joining a Group today.

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Michael Breedlove

Wellington Associate Campus Pastor

Michael serves as the Campus Pastor in Wellington. In his spare time he enjoys doing anything outdoors - hunting, fishing, and gardening. Michael and his wife Stacey have a daughter, Cari-Anna and son-in-law Matthew. A son Beau and daughter-in-law Shelby, and four wonderful grandchildren, Layton, Stratton, JoLee, and Pecos.

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